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SH*T: How a Four Letter Word Can Change Your Life

And How You Can Tell Yourself a Better Story NOW

“We tell ourselves some crazy shit, then we believe it as if it were gospel. We preserve it in memory, entrench it in our heads through journaling, and retell it over and over to other people.”

“But, as a creator, you are never stuck with the old ways of telling your story. You are the author, and everything is re-write-able.”

“Sh*t: How a Four-Letter-Word Can Change Your Life Story is as clever and funny as it is wise and insightful. The stories we tell with our words (four letter or otherwise) create our entire experience of life. This book explores that fact in a way that leads to realizations and a-ha moments galore. I loved reading this book! I highly recommend it.

Amy Johnson, PhD., author of The Little Book of Big Change: The No-Willpower Approach to Breaking Any Habit

Midnight Pages

A Mystical Workbook for Writers, Insomniacs and Night Owls
To make meaningful use of your own sleepless hours, here’s some ideas from mine. Whimsical and also provocative writing prompts plus a little history about the night and the magical properties of the alternative world of darkness and shadow.

A practice called Midnight Pages, an antidote to Morning Pages which has been a great gift to so many people and a real thorn in the side of aspiring writers who can’t get up at 5:00am!!

“Finally a creativity guide for those solitary insomniacs who are most inspired in the darkness; a clever counterpoint to the insufferable 6am morning people crowd who seem to dominate the self-help genre.” 

Derek Murphy, Creativindie

Some nights stay up till dawn,
as the moon sometimes does for the sun.
Be a full bucket pulled up
the dark way of a well,
then lifted out into the light. – Rumi